October 31, 2009

Why loosing LOVE HANDLES is hard?

Love in its strange ways has its negative effect of making people put on weight. In the past people saw Paunches and big BUMs as a sign of prosperity or Child bearing. Well in to days, world if you look beyond Fashion TV's projection of the Skinny model, there is a medical co-relation between Fat and heart disease, cholesterol, diabetics etc etc.

So what most of us end up with is LOVE HANDLEs. I am sure your frown at me right now or your saying darn right these Bloody Handles refuse to budge. Dieting or exercise as I have seen thousands of people doing does not seem to be working for them.


Lets get some basic rules straight.

1. INPUT - or food you eat has CALORIES - you put in CALORIES - or + + + + +

2. OUTPUT -or activity, work, exercise is measured in calories again - or - - - - - -

So if you fill your petrol tanks with more food than require you now have extra calories left behind
Here is where the culprit is - CARBOHYDRATES and FAT are like brother and sister. They are interchangeable and so any access energy from carbs or fat can be stored as FAT. Yesterdays dessert after dinner was gleefully getting to your HIPS!

What you really need to do, is get your total body calories requirement worked out....most people range from 1500 to about 3000 calories per day. Now if you know the exact amount of calories your body requires to function to live plus the amount for activities you then can eat that amount of food.

TO BBURN those love handles you have to put in the extra effort of eating less....yes eat less is an extra effort because psychologically your body will not allow you to lessen the calories that you eat. ( here I suggest a visualization programmme ..will write in future about it).

Second you have to MMove your body to burn that FAT.

Get this 1 g of fat is 9 cal
100g is 900 cal
1 kg is 9000 cal

to BBurn 9000 cal or 1 kg of FAT ( walking is -300 calories) you require 30 hours of walking.

Hey that's only one month.....but hang on you can't fit into those jeans in one month...you've tried it and it just seems impossible. Well the answer is that in Addition to burning calories by working out you cannot keep refueling your petrol tanks by eating more calories during the day.

SO the ultimate solution is a carefully balanced diet with an exercise programme.

Keep my mantra of a FIST PORTION serving ( earlier article) and the negative calorie diet ( earlier article) in your action plan.

Exercise is for you to decide.

My favorite is SQUATS, its the best FAT BURNing exercise in the world. 30 reps * 5 sets. Any grown man will cry. But ladies and gentleman , the six pack just appears if you pursue it 3 times a week for 6 months.

May the QUA be with you

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