September 25, 2009

Loosening your Wallet this season and Tightening Your Belt!!!

The Festivals have begun, Navratri, Durga Puja,Dussehra, Diwali, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Three months of Indulgence. I love this period of the year. Sweets,Pakoras,Cake, Rasmalai's and everything that can make your mouth water.

Did you know that the average calorie content of a meal during a festive season goes up by 200-300 calories.


1. Money is good. Bonuses are received. Spend on expensive dishes and savouires
2. People are happy. Eat more.
3. Family is Excited. Eat more.
4. You are relaxed. Eat more.

So here are some tips that will get you through the BULGE.

1. Try to enroll in a GYM programme now. Most gyms offer discounts at this time. Don't settle on the rates given to you. Bargain. Tell them you want to workout. Ask them to give you an incentive to Join.

2. When you eat. Remember My fist Portion. Well try to follow that.

3. Drink a Soup or a Lemon Juice before you start. You will feel fuller and eat less.

4. Think about savoring the Taste. Insert a morsel in your mouth and roll it around as if your having an ORGASM. Trust me TICKLING your taste buds to the height of Ecstasy is very gratifying. In simple Chew longer and relish your food. Science has said that if you chew longer you eat 33% lesser.

5. Share a plate this Season with your loved ones. People eating from one plate eat more. Share your plate and the two of you eat lesser. Besides that you BOND! Physiologically your already satisfied.

6. Go for walks. Long walks. With your family or friends. Its the best way to unwind.

7. If your lazy. Get a DOG. My dog gets me to walk him twice a day. He actually gets grumpy if I don't walk him. SIDE EFFECT I easily do 5 kms a Day

8. Use L_CARNITINE and VIT BCOMPLEX. These two food Supplements help burn fat Naturally and slowly.

9. Drink Green tea every day. Its a natural Fat burner.

10. Get lots of Sex. Besides burning calories, you get to take of your clothes regularly. Nothing like a spotter who can tell you your putting on weight. Get revenge by working it off in BED. Become a Sex GOD!!! L-argenine and Vit C are the best Aphrodisiacs that are natural. Burn upto 600 calories a day satisfying your partner. Post Workout Snack, A yogurt shake with Strawberries or try Ice Cold Fresh Lemon Juice with Souffle.

ENJOY the weeks ahead. If you don't follow any of the above its Okay. Just Come back Happier.

May the QUA be with you this Festive Season.

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