September 22, 2009

Learn to Sniff out the SUGAR on commercial items

A recent Ad from a cereal company claimed that you could loose 2 kgs in a week and fit into that Awesome RED dress. No doubt the woman was pretty and she would loose weight. Hell she is a model. But the fact of the matter is that Clever Marketing and advertising agencies cheat the consumer. Hell I am a Marketing Manager and I Know the tricks of the trade.

Lets Break it down.....CORNFLAKES, BISCUITS and Juices......Have you ever Read the SUGAR CONTENT on the label. PLEASE START LEARNING TO READ SUGAR CONTENT ON LABELS of foods that you buy.

Most of the boxed cereals found in supermarkets contain large amounts of sugar and some contain more than 50% sugar (sugar smacks have 53% sugar). Cereal manufacturers are very clever in their marketing, making many cereals appear much more healthy than they appear by “fortifying” them with vitamins and minerals. Oh, lovely – you now have vitamin-fortified sugar!vitamin-fortified sugar!vitamin-fortified sugar!

Say it again vitamin-fortified sugar! not cornflakes but this sugar stuff.

Before you eat any cereal, read the ingredients list and see how high sugar appears on the ingredient list. Then check the “Nutrition facts” panel.
There are actually only a small handful of national commercially branded cereals that are made from whole grains and are sugar free. Shredded Wheat is one. If you shop at a health food store instead of in your local supermarket, you are much more likely to find a healthy, whole grain, sugar free (or very low sugar) cereal. But watch out – some of the health food store boxed cereals are sweetened with fruit juice or fructose. Although this may be an improvement over refined white sugar, this can really skyrocket the calories.
Although there are some good boxed cereals available, you may find it interesting that bodybuilders and fitness models – among the leanest athletes in the world – almost never eat boxed cereal – even the better brands. Instead, they opt for unsweetened old fashioned oatmeal (not the flavored, sweetened packets). This might surprise you, but most commercial breakfasts cereals, with their hidden sugars and clever marketing, are foods that turn to fat. Leave em on the shelf!

Next one is on JUICEs yes FRUIT JUICES!!! and the sugar it contains.... Why do you think India Has the HIGHEST NUMBER of DIABETICS IN THE WORLD!!

May the QUA be with you.

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