February 18, 2017

How to feed your Kid Healthy Food

Ever watched Birds feed their Kids. Baby Cubs playing with their Parents in the Wild. Around 30 months ago I became a Father. I am a Sports Nutritionist. When the Nutritionist turned up in the hospital, she blabbered the diet that my groggy wife barely heard or ceded to memory. I was left with a paper on how she had to eat during breastfeeding.

UTTER RUBBISH! SO I DECIDED to learn about Nutrition for the mum and the baby.

8 months later when Icahn had to move to foods, the pediatrician was mumbling that all foods are ok. AGAIN this was utter RUBBISH.

So I set on a course to FEED my kid the right way. The Exam diet plan listed on Facebook page KIDS NUTRITION is one of the projects I set-up to help kids Click here to view the EXAM DIET CHART. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE EXAM DIET CHART ON FB

 This will expand over the years on how to feed your kid based on my experiences, my learnings with Pediatric Nutrition Guidelines and my team of over 50 of the best Nutritionists in the world at QUA NUTRITION.

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