May 22, 2014


From Pudgy to a Six pack
ROBIN UTHAPPA is a Changed athlete
With the Orange Cap on, is Robbie really eating more Carrots? Well, he definitely is on a NUTRITION plan. As hard as he trains nowadays, so is his discipline towards his  nutrition plan. Its reflective today both on and off the field. A spirit of absolute focus.
This IPL season I have focused more on his performance nutrition with a careful balance of Proteins, amino acids and the vitamin profile. Robin no longer CRAMPS. I have designed a unique combination of HMB, ZMA, Calcirol and CALCIUM Magnesium. For his on the field hydration if your watching without the TV breaks you will see at least two bottles coming out to our ORANGE CAPPED player. Both bottles have secret formula's developed by us at QUA NUTRITION.

Robbie has also done the Nutrigenomics testing that determines his genes for DIET, Vitamins and Exercise profiling. ( Contents of this test are held confidential and cannot be disclosed on a public forum)

For those who follow Robin closely, he also is a firm believer now of >>>PRECISE NUTRITION eating habits. Today he has invested in one of our businesses called Itiffin. 

To get a ROBIN weight loss plan from my desk call +9197 4343 0000 and ask for the ROBIN UTHAPPA weight loss plan.

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