December 11, 2013

How Mega Star Shivaraj Kumar fed his Six packs!

At 51 years of age getting a six pack requires commitment, effort and bucket loads of sweat. Shivaraj Kumarji walked into my clinic a little over a year ago after hearing about our success with Olympian Sushil Kumar. His words were exact " I need to be fit and I need to have a stellar body". His trainer is his guide to pushing his body to his limit. From a sports nutrition perspective we requested that we do the best tests in the world on Shivaraj Kumar and then I set about on his diet.

At the clinic we assessed his height weight and advance fat percentage levels. We obtained his schedules on shoot, off shoot, in country, out of country, during holiday and so on. This enabled us to plan his meals according to his calorie requirement. What was important was WHEN HE WORKED OUT? how much of Negative calorie did we need to maintain to burn fat and not lose Muscle. His trainer meticulously gave us his schedule down to every REP and weight lifted in the gym.

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We then drew samples of blood and flew them to USA, on a specialised $1000 test which gave us insights into his Vitamin, mineral, Amino acids level, enzyme levels and other molecules in his body. From here using a state of the art Dietary Software we balanced his protein, carbs and fats intake and had supplements customised only for his biochemistry...." Designer Protein and vitamin Supplements".

Then we did the Nutrigenomics or Food Genetic Test to determine the exact ratio of protein to carbs to fats. The genes in his workout regime and the FAT absorption gene, -how do you trick your genes to beleiving you are losing weight. Results of all the tests are confidential and cannot be shared on a public site. But know this, with Blood and Genetic testing any person can strive to get the right physique..even a six pack!

At QUA NUTRITION we even have nick named a few of our WEIGHT LOSS SALADS as "Bajarangi " 

Its important that the public knows that the process by which the DIET is followed is scientific and done to minimise any harmful effects to the human body. At his age most people are trying to save joints, replace heart valves or undergo triple bypass....his feat of a 6 pack is at best ..." A work of Science and Sweat"! Not to mention his grit! Hats off to you sir!! rather SHIRTS off to you!

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