June 25, 2012

100 Blogs - A Century Milestone Dedicated to the Quatian's and our Qua Customers

The Best Dietitians in the World Practice at the QUA NUTRITION clinic. My 100 Blogpost is therefore dedicated to the Nutrition Counselors and our successful and hardworking Clients.  The QUA NUTRITION way is a new mantra in our quest to Change the way people eat. Our dietitians are the new QUATIANS, dietitian's who help you discover your QUA  (Qua In Latin means 'In CAPACITY OF').  A very interesting phenomena this month is that over the last six months using the QUA program, 100's of clients have shown drops in Cholesterol and Diabetic levels. All with changes in the the Lifestyle via Exercise and Eating. 


Here is a chart of a Sixty plus Diabetic( been a diabetic for over 3 decades). His statement this morning when I called him was " RYAN for the first time in Decades I have double digit fasting sugar levels.....wow below 100 is great for a Diabetic!". 
  • Notice the Drop in Diabetic levels over 6 months.
  • Notice the Triglcerides drop by a whopping 228%
  • Notice the increase of the Good Cholesterol HDL by over 50%...

I cannot stress enough the efforts people go through to loose weight or hold a condition like hypertension or diabetes. However, there are many quick fix methods being promoted by slimming clinics, products that claim to do the needful.....THEY ARE ALL BAND AIDs that are a temporary fix.

When your getting repeated cuts.....Would you not want to know the key cause rather than just applying band aids all the time?

 The only way is the Diet and Nutrition alterations that accompany a permanency in lifestyle adaptation. In fact a Study at Stanford confirms that it takes over 67 days to frame  new habit....so most of our DIET PROGRAMS are 100 days to start of with. To know more on our counselings visit our youtube page to discover these programs by clicking this link:- Learn the Value of Investing in your Life via Nutrition Coaching

For your Pregnancy and New Life Planing click this link Nutrition for New Life!

For Kids Nutrition click this link  Kids Nutrition - Go from Fussy to Happy Eating!

To know more on how our QUATIANS can help you call +919743430000 International or sms us. Email : ryan@quanutrition.com or visit www.quanutrition.com

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