May 23, 2011

SPORTS Drinks for an athelte? Are you sure

I was appalled last night when a Sports Athlete on Skype told me last night that " Ryan, My Coaches and Fitness Trainer do not recommend that I take GATORADE ( SPORTS DRINK)".
For the last decade I have worked in supplement Companies. We have been carefully formulating SPORTS drinks to enable the athlete a drink based on SCIENTIFIC principles and research. In fact I have helped designed a product called FASTCHARGE which was used in the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD of non-stop Aerobics of 26 hour.

CAN YOU imagine yourself workout for 26 hrs non-stop...

Thats what I am trying to do is educate coaches and trainers about - Why you need a sports Drink?

The above Documentary on DISCOVERY CHANNEL might just help your understanding.

If you want to avail of the expertise that has produced a few Olympic Champions, Guinness world records. Please get in touch with me at or ryanNutritioncoach on SKYPE. i will help you discover whether you really need a sports drink and which brand will suit you if it is required.

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