March 10, 2011

A diet for Exams..What Einstein would have Eaten!

Talk about an exam diet! DREAM is the new mantra,

D ( Drink lots of water), the brain is made up of 85% water. the best Rehydration you can make for your child is Lemonade with 8 gms of Sugar in Litre of the Lemonade. this is the perfect solution to fire those neurons. dont add more sugar as the brain will slump.... A pinch of salt will help.

R ( Regular Sleep), A glass of warm milk before you go to sleep will help you recharge and sleep faster, to get up early morning for those fresh learning sessions. DO not drink warm milk if you want to stay up and study late.

E ( Eat healthy Food) Avoid Junk food at this period of exams and cramming. Juices Fresh, Salads, And simple Meals with Probiotics curds will help. Non- Veg can go for fish everyday. If veg, Get a tablespoon of flaxseed oil or Fish oil capsules.

A (Attitude ) BRAHMI and HONEY are two herbs/food that I recommended to boost your memory power. 2 capsule of Brahmi 3 weeks before exams and 10 Gms of Honey twice a day after meals. In fact scientific studies have discovered that memory is boosted by up to 8 % with regular honey.

M (Meditation) Yoga is the new mental food. Get your child to get some basic yoga moves for 10-15  minutes. It could be a great time to bond with them.

My team and me will customise your child diet plan this summer for Studies or for Fun. If you want to know 7 more secrets on boosting your child's memory power this exam become a fan at my page

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