February 19, 2010

TheTen Best Supplements for 2010 - No 8 is running !!!

Common colds have to be the most common ailment a person can experience in a year. I keep a scribble in my diary on the number of colds I get in a year. For 2010 I am already down by one at the beginning of the new year.

So how do I shorten a COLD? How do I prevent it? Most people will tell you Ginger, Pepper, Honey, Garlic, tumeric, saffron etc etc....People who have no knowledge of medicine or the human body will suddenly become Doctors on this subject. Biochemically I am sure that its the IMMUNE system that keeps disease at bay.

The Medical Secret that I discovered when you train athletes is that your Muscles protect you against a cold. Have you ever noticed that when you get that cold, your body aches or rather your muscle ache. Whenever you are the most overworked you catch a cold or when you have not eaten well or overdone it. Well its all in the muscle.

You see the Muscle is made up of 60% glutamine. GLUTAMINE is an amino acid that preserves muscle. GLUTAMINE is also the Amino acid that fuels the development of the immune system. Getting CONFUSED!!! Well GLUTAMINE has two masters, Muscle and the Immune system. In good times, the GLUTAMINE is able to serve two masters, whilst in times of stress and low energy, huge work loads or environmental exposure, Glutamine can only serve one master.......THE MUSCLE> So guess who feels left out...YUP Your IMMUNE SYSTEM.....its now a teenager throwing its tantrum and says " I ain't lifting a finger to help you".

THE VIRUS which is all pervasive and Ubiquitous....meaning all over the bloody place 24/7 ...365 days of the year come rain or sunshine is just waiting for this Tantrum by your immune system.

THE COLD VIRUS IS NOW saying " I am going to a party"...and begins its invasion

I know its gets confusing, but what you really need to take away from this is that if you have a cold, Feed your Muscles and your immune system with Glutamine.

SO my NO 8 Supplement of the year is PURE FORM GLUTAMINE> Just 5 gms in a glass of juice every 4-6 hours when you have a cold and BAMMMM the next day you are so much better. Yes I do advise a COLD TABLET to push the symptoms of Suffering into the background.

Your GRANNY said have hot chicken SOUP....well the Protein in the chicken will form an AMINO ACID broth that fuels your immune system. Voila granny new science.

Now if you add glutamine in addition to all of your remedies listed above, no cold virus has a chance in hell to turn that watery nose into a green phlem sticky uncomfortable mass in your nose.



500 mg of VIT C Celine 3 times a day
1 ZEVIT ( Zinc Supplement) 1 tab at Breakfast
Honey and Ginger powder 1 tbspoon thrice a day
5gms Glutamine with Juice Every 4-6 hours
I D cold Tablet 1 every 12 hrs ( not before sleep)
Steam Inhalation if your already succumbed to the VIRUS ATTACK
3 Tablets of Triple Guard Echinacea from AMWAY or SEPTILIN from Himalaya.

OH! Heads up, IF YOU FEEL THE COLD COMING ON>>>> and you act almost immediately( withing the hour of the first sniffle or dripping nose) with the above, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if it fails. ( like anybody pays me for this advice)

I am smiling right now, cause the guy next to me on the train is sniffling!!!

May the Qua Be with you.

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